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Program Description

The Home Health Aide is a 75-hour hybrid program that teaches students how to help the elderly, the disabled, and people in ill health to maintain their quality of life and independence at home. Focus is on safety and universal precautions; moving and lifting patients; cleanliness and infection control; caring for children, the elderly, and the dying; and patient health, hygiene, and nutrition. Students learn how to check and report on vital signs, handle special situations, and perform emergency procedures.

Program Objectives

After completing the Home Health Aide program, students will be able to:

  1. Describe the role of the home health aide, outline the responsibilities involved in caring for home-bound patients, and differentiate the home health aide’s role from other care providers.
  2. Explain how to create a safe environment for the home health aide and the patient by identifying and describing OSHA regulations and other safe care requirements.
  3. Identify and describe proper communication skills with patients, families, other healthcare providers, and insurance companies.
  4. Describe typical duties and care responsibilities for patients of all ages and levels of health, with a focus on identifying issues and care concerns for specific populations.
  5. Identify credible sources of dietary information and describe how to plan, purchase, store, and serve food to patients with different dietary restrictions and health concerns.
  6. Identify and describe specific care regimens performed by the home health aide.
  7. Identify and describe exercises designed to help patients gain and maintain strength and flexibility.
  8. Explain how to take and record vital signs and collect bodily specimens for testing.


  1. Must be 16 years of age
  2. Must have a negative PPD reading or normal chest x-ray (that cannot be more than 12 months old at the time of clinical rotations)
  3. Have a high school diploma or its equivalent or comprehend on a 10th grade level
  4. Pass a basic English pre-entrance exam with a 80% score
  5. Must have a satisfactory Criminal Background check through the CORI system before the 1st day of class
  6. Provide a valid picture ID
  7. Provide a negative COVID-19 test and proof of Covid vaccination or a valid exemption letter on the 1st day of class


Subject Title Total Hours Class Hours Skills Practice
Introduction to Aide and Agency Role 2 2 0
Bloodborne Pathogens, Safety in the Home Environment, Preventing Violence & Safe Patient Handling 10 8 2
Specialized Care (Basic Body Movements & Positioning, Skin Care & Personal Care, Rehabilitation, Vital Signs, Fluid Balance & Specimen Collection, Special Procedures, Common diseases, Emergency Procedures 34 20 14
Home Care Fundamentals (Providing Care in the Home, Communication Skills & Working with People, Caring for the Elderly Patient, Working with Children, Caring for the Dying in the Home, Infection Control, Cleanliness, & Safety in the Home, Meal Planning, Shopping, Preparation, and Storage 24.5 15 9.5
Medications in the Home 3 2 0
Managing time, Energy, and Money in the Home 1.5 1.5 0

Total Clock Hours

75 49.5 25.5

Tuition Fees: $800.00 (This amount can be paid in 2 installments)
Administrative Fee: $43.50 (non-refundable)

**Additional Expenses To Be Incurred by Students

  1. Uniform (1 maroon V-neck pocket top and 1 maroon drawstring or elastic waist scrub pant) = Estimated at $ 30.00.
  2. Cost of Books: estimated at $80.00 + shipping Cost ($10.00). Hartman’s Nursing Assistant Care – Long Term Care and Home Care 3rd Edition (Textbook and Workbook). Books can be ordered on Amazon.
  3. CORI Check Fee = $25.59.
  4. PPD/TB Test – $30.00 – $75.00.
  5. Blood Pressure Cuff and Stethoscope for practice (optional).
  6. CPR/BLS – Estimated at $75.00.

Acceptable Methods of Payment