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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Metrowest Healthcare Academy

At Metrowest Healthcare Academy, we pride ourselves on providing a pleasant, personalized learning environment without sacrificing the firm practical grounding you need as an aspiring healthcare professional.

» Low Tuition & Small Classes

Compared with some community colleges and other post-secondary schools, we make a point of providing small classes, personalized instruction and manageable tuition costs. In addition, we offer the option of paying-as-you-go to eliminate large upfront expenses given the current turbulence in the country’s economy.

» Flexible Classes

Located in downtown Framingham, Metrowest Healthcare Academy is just minutes away from the Framingham train station. Metrowest Healthcare Academy offers both day and evening classes – weekdays and weekends – to fit a variety of students’ needs.

» It’s Just a Good Idea

Job Demand for Medical Assistants, Medical Administrative Assistants and Certified Nurse Aides, is expected to grow faster in proportion to other occupations in the unfolding decade in response to the long-term care needs of an increasing elderly population. Even in a volatile economy, healthcare training remains a smart and viable option for a long-term career.